Why Are Mechanical Keyboards So Expensive?

Mechanical keyboards are a dream for tech lovers & it has a high functioned key made with plastics placed below the keycaps. These mechanical keyboards bear classy designs with the maker’s own idea & easy to use as well build. People who especially have a passion for gaming search for mechanical keyboards.

People go for a mechanical keyboard because it has more features than the normal keyboards. It lasts longer, has more accurate sensors. One can experience swept use & small footprints in mechanical keyboards.

Chronicle of Mechanical Keyboards

German company “Cherry” was the initiator to bring Mechanical keyboards into the market in the 1980s. These keyboards used to be like early types of cherry switches in the very first place & they were very popular at that time too. For many years it was only the Germans who had its manufacturing controls but nowadays there are other companies too who are producing their types of mechanical keyboards.

Reasons for Choosing Mechanical Keyboards

Mechanical Keyboards are undoubtedly easy to use & have high-quality functions like having the best quality rubber dome, scissor switches, mechanical switches, etc. These things are like icing on the cake for any user as these give a huge backup to mechanical keyboards than the normal one.


Benefits of Mechanical Keyboards

There are so many advantages to using mechanical keyboards such as :

  1. It has a longer lifespan than the general membrane keyboards as it can endure 50 to 80 million key presses where normal keyboards can bear only 2 to 3 million key presses.

  2. They seldom wear out a million times. Users do not face wear outs & users can find it fresh after so many years of use.

  3. There are usually no chances of getting keys struck or something like that as it is larger in size & keys are all perfectly functioned.

  4. It gives the users the best typing experience as it has individual switches for individual functions including specialized for typing & gaming.

  5. Mechanical keyboards just don’t move from one place to another with light push & it is good for many users.

  6. Mechanical keyboards are made for professional use & have been proved an amazing tool for the game lovers.

Drawbacks of mechanical Keyboards

  1. It has louder key tones than the other keyboards but we can lower the sound.

  2. It is not light weighted & we cannot carry it to wherever we want.

  3. It costs much more than the usual ones.

Mechanism of Mechanical Keyboards

As mechanical keyboards have a huge difference from normal keyboards its mechanism is also different from the normal keyboards. It usually doesn’t use a rubber dome system but it has keys under which it is connected with springs & when one uses a key this spring goes down to connect with the circuit & functions according to this method. Basically, it is the reason why it is called mechanical as it has a method to connect with the circuit underneath the keypads.

Mechanical Keyboard switches & its functions

There are many types of switches, some are easy to press designed for the gamers & some are not that as light as the gaming keys but use for typing or doing other works. Some types of switches are given below:

Cherry MX Red: These types of keys give light feelings specially made for gaming programs but these keys are not suitable for typing.

Cherry MX Blue: These types of keys are a little bit noisy than the others & use for swept typing.

Cherry MX Black: These keys can be called another kind of MX blue keys but lacks in sensor bump.

Cherry MX Brown: These kinds of keys are perfectly featured for both gaming & typing 


Price Range Of Mechanical Keyboard:

If one is to buy a mechanical keyboard she or he should make a budget of more than $50.keyboards with high mechanical functions costs $150 to $200.It might look a little bit pricey but it all worth it.

Best Mechanical Keyboards:

1. SteelSeries Apex Pro is the best choice for gamers to get a high-class experience in gaming.

2. Razer Blackwidow Elite is the Best combo pack for the typers or those who earn by writing.

3. Obinslab Anne Pro 2 is one of the best swept mechanical keyboards & one can set up RGB lighting according to their own preferences.

4. Razer Black widow V3 pro is going to be one of the most well known wireless gaming keyboard & can be used through the connection of wifi, Bluetooth or any USB supported device.

5. Logitech G413 can be described as a combo pack within range for those who are not interested to invest $100 or more dollars on keyboards.

Best budget Mechanical Keyboards

1. Cooler Master CK552 will cost around $80 with a beautiful RGB lighting function, various switches.

2. HyperX Alloy FPS Pro has pros like compact size, easy transport.

3. Logitech K840 has been designed according to the need of the user but it does not cover the feature backlighting.

4. Aukey KM-G14 Has RGB lighting & different switches.

5. Havit KB487L is one of the cheapest mechanical keyboards with a basic advantage.


Mechanical keyboards have so many features & functions as well as it costs highly. But one is a professional gamer or typewriter or has the ability to go for the budget; it can be said it will be best to buy a mechanical keyboard. Buying a mechanical keyboard is worth it as the one who will buy this keyboard she or he will not need to buy for many days & enjoy doing their own works.

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