How to Use an Underwater Camera for Ice Fishing?

An underwater camera is an astounding technology tool that is used for capturing amazing and essential moments underwater. You can click photos or make documentary type videos about underwater things so smoothly and clearly. You can use the camera while swimming, fishing, snorkeling, or diving.

Underwater cameras can be used as a helping hand for fishing as one can get a proper view of the underwater surface & use tactics according to it. Especially when you are on ice fishing and you have not so clear idea about the exact location of fishes under the ice bar, so in that case, an underwater camera can be of great help. 

Why you will use Underwater Cameras?

Usually in the regular way of fishing, one cannot realize what is roaming underwater & we do not know about the exact fish or its size. But with an underwater camera, we can easily find out about the underwater things on the sonar screen.

So in a way, it can save a lot of effort & time. These cameras can give an accurate calculation about how much benefits one will get from fishing in this certain area.

How to use Underwater Camera for Ice Fishing?

There are two types of settings of which we should be aware of an underwater camera; they are the Macro & Wide-angle. 


  Using an underwater camera in macro mode:

· We have to select the macro mode for getting the macro vision.

· Then we have to turn on the forced flash of the underwater camera.

· We have to try to keep the zoom in the best width ratio.

· We have to set ISO 100 or lower than this.

· We have to set up the shutter speed of 1/1000 using F8 in a fully manual mode  

 Using an underwater camera in a macro mode in Wide Angle mode:

· We have to set the mode to a wide-angle for a wide vision.

· We have to select more than one subject.

· We have to select F/8 to maintain the foreground & background light for a better motion of the camera.

· We have to increase the shutter speed for enchanting colors, for relishing the underwater surface experience.

Types of Underwater Cameras

There are cameras by which we can get to know about what is happening underwater & we cannot share it live with any other audience. But there are some amazing underwater cameras out there that can click pictures with the best resolution, can be connected with many other smart devices & share those videos with people who live through the broadband connection.


Features you should check before buying an Underground Camera

Firstly we have to think about the features like the models of waterproof case & cases have these things to check:


· Different functions & controls of the case.

· How user-friendly to use this case.

· Different types of mode & connections,

· Main lenses & additional lenses of the cameras & what kind of shots it can take macro or wide-angle.

· We have to check the manual or how does it work.

· We have to think about the photographic lenses & white balance.

· We have to think about shutter delay, raw files & megapixels.

· We have to think about the price & should always extra to the budget for a better experience.

Useful accessories and gadgets of the underwater camera

To get a better view of the underwater surface it is not enough to go with only an underwater camera but there are also some types of equipment that should be added to it for a great experience.

1. Lanyard which will give one supports to click snaps.

2. Battery Charger which is a must to get full support.

3. Camera Mount to avoid shaky or blurred pictures.

4. Strobe Arms to focus light on objects.

5. Camera Housing to keep the camera safe.


Best Underwater Cameras

1. GoPro HERO9 which is light in weight & has F8/F9 filters. It has a larger screen as well as a long battery life.  

2. Olympus TG-6 has a small sensor with the best camera quality & it has the best ability for macro shots. It will give coverage of F/18 & unique exposure controls. 

3. Panasonic LX10 has advanced features like SLR mode controls & has the best manual with 4k video settings.

4. Panasonic LX100 II is a lightweight camera having more than three sensors & a great customized combo pack for the photographers.

5. Sony RX100VII having 24 to 200 mm zooming strength & has high functioned HD video quality.

6. Canon G7 X III is one the best from canon we can find with the best customization & has an auto flash choice in the manual.

7. Fujifilm XP140 has its version of the advantage of a big screen to explore the underwater world.

Price Range for Underwater Cameras

Prices Of underwater cameras can be within the range of $35 to $5500.If one is not ready to invest a big amount on camera he or she can get it with little features through a small price & if one can invest a big amount to enjoy every single technological feature of underwater cameras he /she can make the best use. The more we can increase the budget the more we can explore the underwater world. But we have to always make sure about adding extra budgets to the main budget for the accessories.

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