How to Install Glass Pack Mufflers?

If you drive a car, then you must know about the sound of the engine that comes out through the exhaust pipe. Sometimes the sound is so loud and noisy that it causes disturbance to other people. To get rid of this problem, one effective way is to use a muffler. A muffler is a system that is used in the exhaust system of a vehicle and is situated at the bottom of a vehicle. 

Mufflers are effective in reducing the engine noise and emissions of an automobile. But the problem with the ordinary muffler is it causes a negative effect on the engine. In this case, glass pack mufflers are so much effective.

What are glass pack mufflers?

A glass pack is a kind of vehicle muffler. The exhaust gas of the vehicle moves directly through the middle of the muffler by the muffler. A glass pack muffler contains one smaller pipe that is covered with a larger outer tube. The larger tube is swollen in the middle point.

The name is ‘Glass Pack Muffler’ because the hole between the enlarged part of the larger outer tube and the smaller tube is covered with glass. They are an effective and simple way to reduce backpressure as well as engine noise. 

How to Install Glass Pack Mufflers?

The installation process of a glass pack muffler to a vehicle is quite easy. You can install the muffler even without welding. Now I will tell you the process of installing the glass pack mufflers to your vehicles step by step.

Step 1: Parking vehicle in a suitable place and getting all the equipment ready

The first thing you need to do is to collect a jackscrew or grease pit, and a glass pack muffler with essential tools with it. You may have the jackscrew with your car; just collect the muffler from the nearest auto parts store. Set your car on the parking brake and put the vehicle up on to the jackscrew. 

Make sure you are setting up the jackscrew perfectly and lifting it off at a minimum height so that you can work comfortably under your car.

Step 2: Removing old muffler from the exhaust pipe

After setting up your vehicle; go under it. Now select the front part of the exhaust pipe and cut it there. Do wrap the pipe cutter throughout the exhaust pipe and turning the cutter slowly. Keep doing this until the cutter cuts the exhaust pipe all the way of the exhaust pipe. Make sure to have a smooth and clean cut. 

Step 3: Removing the Old Muffler and Installing the Glass Pack Muffler

After cutting the exhaust pipe perfectly, remove the old muffler slowly with the pipe cutter if it is necessary. Clean the exhaust pipe with cloth or tissue before installing the new one. Install the exhaust clamps throughout the muffler lip and exhaust pipe; it will protect the muffler both of its outlet and inlet sides. 

Next, use a wrench to tighten the clamps of the muffler. Tighten it properly so that it can’t move freely while pulling on. 

Step 4: Attaching Muffler Hangers

It’s time to take some action to secure your newly installed glass pack muffler. Join muffler hangers at the solid area on the frame of your car. Cover the muffler with muffler straps and tight it with a screwdriver. Be sure if the exhaust system is properly fastened to the setting and does not create a collision with the undercarriage of the vehicle.

Advantages of Glass Pack Mufflers

 A very small amount of sound can pass through the glass pack muffler. This is because the glass pack mufflers operate on the specific principle where all the noises produced by the vehicle engine are gone by a material that absorbs the extra sound before it is released.

Moreover, the capacity of absorbing the sound of a glass pack muffler is amazing. However, these glass pack mufflers are far better than ordinary mufflers; because they don’t oscillate the sound back to the engine. This type of action occurs in ordinary mufflers. Ordinary mufflers absorb the sound but they oscillate the sound back into the engine. It causes a negative impact on the vehicle engine.  

Glass pack mufflers decrease the pressure on the vehicle engine by evaporating the load of the sound waves as the sound passes through the sleeve of glass materials. Moreover, these glass pack mufflers are extremely affordable; it only costs USD 20 to 100. 

Disadvantages of Glass Pack Mufflers

Though the glass pack mufflers are so much useful, it has some disadvantages too. After a regular period, if the muffler is not being cared for, it starts to produce bad noises. Moreover, it is not suitable for every type of car.

Best Glass Pack Mufflers

· Cherry bomb 87522 Glass Pack Muffler.

· Magnaflow 10416 Exhaust Muffler.

· Thrush 17651 Welded Muffler.

· Dynomax 39510 Super Turbo Muffler.

· Flowtech 50252FLT Red Hots Glass Pack Muffler.

· Dynomax 24250 Race Bullet Mini Muffler.

Though there are some disadvantages of the glass pack mufflers; they are still pretty good and worthy as a whole. Its power of absorbing noises is extremely amazing. However, among all the mufflers, these glass pack mufflers are the most popular and simplest.

Moreover, the price of a glass pack muffler is inside the price range and it is also not so difficult to install and take care of. Any mechanic can install this in your desired car. And if you have read the above instructions, you can also install the glass pack muffler in your car easily.

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